Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mah protected




Battery material: Lithium-ion battery
Battery Brand: Panasonic
Battery Type: 18650
Voltage: Standard voltage 3.7V, full voltage 4.2V, the discharge voltage 2.75V
Charging time: Standard Charge 520mA shall 6HRS (h)
                    1000mA rapid charge shall 3.2HRS (h)
Maximum continuous current: 3A
Protection current: 5A
Resistance: 60 milliohms or less
Capacity: 3100 mA nominal

Positive: the bulk of the tip
Life: 1000 times
Dimensions: Diameter D18.1 mm * height H68.5 mm (single)
Dimensions: Length Width W74x L83x high H23 (4 节 boxed)
Weight: 47 g (single)

Charge and discharge times: more than 1000 times
Battery voltage: voltage overshoot full power after the standard voltage 3.6-3.7V voltage of 4.2V to 2.75V when fully discharged
Main purpose: This paragraph batteries are used in notebook battery for the core, high-grade flashlight, mobile devices, standby power supply, you can also do a variety of rechargeable battery packs


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