LG 18650 HD2 2000mah 25a




Brand: LG

Type: HE2
Life: 1000 times

Maximum discharge current: 25A

Voltage: Standard 3.6-3.7V, full of 4.35V, 2.75V discharged
Internal resistance: 40 milliohms or less
Capacity: 2000mah
Dimensions: Diameter 18 mm * 65 mm height never used more than 18,650 careful not to buy the wrong size
Single grain Battery Weight: 45g
Consistency: direct use without pairing is a small box out, consistency is high.
Tip / flat head: flat head
Whether flat head flashlight battery part can not touch Please pay attention to their use of battery flashlight battery is flat. Not if you want to add a small magnet can be used,
Battery old: New
Never do the old used to disassemble the battery. We are out of the original brand new battery. Ease of use
Uses: power tools, battery car batteries, electronic cigarette, large current discharge equipment


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